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IMG_5490This guy…
He is totally amazing. I am so lucky to have such an amazing father he has been so wonderful and supportive. Some days I really do not think that I deserve such a great person as a father. He has stood beside me through all my crazy phases such as loving basketball and being in love with the Sydney Kings Basketball team when I was 16, through my university degree, modelling and now with my photography. He asks me about how I am going with my photography studies and paid for my course at the New York Institute of Photography. My dad has even posed for some of my photography assignments where I needed a model – he is a great model.

One great thing about my dad having been so supportive is that I have been able to help him back, I have been there as he has tried out Amway, Herbalife and live trading. It is great being able to have someone like him around, as I feel so free to speak to him whenever something is wrong or when I need some advice (I’m getting better at actually listening to his advice as I get older).

Fun things about my dad are that he loves being crazy (in the fun kind of way), he loves building things – home DIY – ‘bodge brothers’ style, he loves being outside, loves fishing, and exploring. One of the ways that he loves to go exploring is to drive to a town then take every – or almost every left hand turn. We have found some amazing places to explore through doing this.

One of the fun memories that I have is when we used to wait for my younger sister to finish gymnastics after I had finished my lesson, we used to sit in the car playing battleship by using a maths grid sheet each, here on the Central Coast. So much fun and it was just great just spending time together having fun with this simple game.

I am blessed to have such an amazing father. Thanks Dad for all that you do, and all that you have given up for me.


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