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Simple beauty of a simple flower

Simple beauty.

Here on the Central Coast there are so many beautiful things.

I spent some time this afternoon enjoying taking photos using these flowers, the pool and the beautiful reflection.

These flowers were used at Doyalson Baptist Church on Sunday for Mother’s Day.

The people that go to the morning service are older and almost all have had their mother’s pass away.

Each flower represented a mother that was no longer here.

It is just so special.

I love the idea.

There were many of the people that were in tears because it just meant so much to them.

We love our mother’s even when they are not with us.



Reflection captured in my pool. Such a simple idea, which I love.

The reflection is of the natural beauty found around us every where.



I have fun when I shoot. This look is inspired with what was on the runways this year at MBFW Sydney with the flower in the mouth.


Special times.



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