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I love this photo.
You may ask why?
This guy is the cheekiest guy round.
His name is Bill.
He loves to have fun.
I was taking a photo of some people at Doyalson Baptist Church (located on NSW Central Coast) and I could see a reflection on my LCD screen on the back of my camera.
Guess who was pulling faces behind me?
Yep this guy.
I managed to capture him with a cheeky grin as I whipped round to see.
One thing I love about him is that he knows how to have fun.
It is so great to see him enjoying life, being care free and making the most of a moment.
There are moments where I just imagine how much he has learned to get to this place in life where he is so happy.
I hope to be like this.

Take a moment and think, what happy person inspires you?
Do you think you can be happy like them?
Let it be your challenge for the next 24 hours to be happy.
Happiness is contagious.
Be contagious in the best sort of way.

This wonderful shot was captured with my new 50mm 1.8 lens.


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