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This kid is just awesome.
Aden is the youngest of 4 and ready to shine.

This year he gets that chance.
Recently he has scored the lead role as ‘Peter’ for “Peter Pan” the musical that will be performed at Wyong Christian Community School later this year.
It is wonderful seeing his talent being recognised.
I am looking forward to watching him perform.
I remember when he was about 4 he would entertain us kids by “Changing the channel” and would become a different character.
He has written numerous little books, his writing excels that of most children three years above him at school.
He used to make up his own books by cutting up paper and stapling them together so that it would suit him.
It has been wonderful watching this kid grow, he is so creative and now with technology he is able to create little videos of this acting.
Some of these videos I really enjoy.
They are so simple, but brilliant at the same time.

Watch out world Aden is ready to shine on stage and he will be one to watch.

Aden - Hannalise Paris Photography
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