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The dress, the lips, the eyes

To put this shoot up online is one that has been interesting for me as I have been so busy with being a mum and finishing my university degree as a primary teacher. This time in my life is exciting as I am approaching the end of my education. With all this happening I have not had much time left for myself. I decided to get in front of my own camera. I got dressed up and felt pretty. Being female it is really nice to feel pretty and enjoy pampering myself.
Directing myself is interesting as I do not see the images until I finish shooting, it is great practice as I learn poses curvy women can and cannont do.

Yesterday I had so much fun shooting, playing with lights and loving the colour of this beautiful dress.
The red lips, green eyes and purple dress just make this image amazing.
I used a three light setup shooting with two continuous lights and one speedlight shooting through a umbrella.

Feeling beautiful is special.

Hannalise Paris Photography Central coast photographer


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