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Handmade canvas backdrop

I have made this lovely backdrop by hand and I am ready to have fun using it in photoshoots.
If you are a client all you need to know is that this is going to be fun to use, for fellow photographers who are looking to make their own here are some things I have learned and the steps that I followed.

– Paint Drop Sheet Phoenix Heavy Duty Painter’s Canvas Cloth 9′ x 12′ (I do not recommend this brand because of the seam down the middle- unless you are willing to go through the headache of sewing the seam out) purchased it off of ebay.
Roller was purchased from Bunnings – just a cheap one – next time I will use sponges too to help get a better coverage.
– Paint: A variety of colours of acrylic paint purchased from Lincraft (brands being Jo Sonja’s background colours acrylic paint [4x250ml bottles] and Sullivans acrylic paint [2x200ml bottles]). My base paint was a layer of British Paints acrylic Sealer – purchased from Bunnings 4L container – I would recommend more as I watered it down to make it last.
The cost of the paints was $132 in total.

~ Use a strong roller and buy more than one – yet I had only one that broke and it made painting interesting.
~ Having a tarpaulin or some coverage underneath is a lifesaver.
~ Make sure that the surface you are painting on is totally flat. Tiles make painting hard.
~ Make sure that the canvas you purchase has no seam down the middle – mine had a big one that I had to chop out and then sew the fabric back down flat which was a nightmare but I succeeded with my husband’s help.
~ Make sure that you have enough time and space to do this at your own pace – some people will do it faster than others. It took me 4 hrs in painting in total and two nights of drying time.
~ Doing a white base layer is very handy as canvas soaks up the paint so quickly.

How I accomplished my results…
Firstly I painted the white layer and then had to wait for it to dry, this is nice and easy just took a white. Paint high from the smell.
Then painting the coloured layer I started with the colour in the centre and then worked out going around in circles. Don’t get dizzy. I tried to make sure that I would use the roller over the previous layer a little to try and get some blending of the colours so that there was a better ease of the paint from light to dark. Beware that mixing the paint to the correct colour can be difficult.
I just continued to do that until I managed to make my way out to the very edge. Dried it overnight and then by morning I did this cute test shoot using my daughter as the guinea pig.

Hannalise Paris Photography CanvasReady to go.

Hannalise Paris Photography CanvasTime to start painting.

Hannalise Paris Photography CanvasNote to self: don’t back yourself into awkward spots.

Hannalise Paris Photography CanvasSo exciting to have finished painting.

Hannalise Paris Photography Canvas

Hannalise Paris Photography CanvasHannalise Paris Photography Canvas

 My beautiful 1 and a half year old being a cute model for my photos. All I did was place her infront of my camera, no bouncing light, no editing. These images are striaght out of camera.
Hannalise Paris Photography Canvas  My husband mocking me being all cute.

Video of the work…


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