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How to prepare for a Contemporary Glamour shoot

  1. Have your hair cut and coloured a few days prior to the shoot as well as nails done if you are planning on having this ready.
  2. Wash hair the night before
  3. Have a good night’s rest
  4. Know how to get to the studio
  5. Have the photographers number encase anything goes wrong
  6. Bring – 5 outfits ready – a combination of dresses, tops, pants and any jewellery that you like – please think plain colours no busy patterns, can have beautiful embellishments on the outfits, have these pre-sort out prior to the day so that it can be less stressful. No logos or slogans. Neutral and soft colours are often very beautiful – if you are looking for some ideas.
  7. Bring a strapless bra if you have one so that we can capture your beautiful shot and less time editing out something that could have been correct in camera. Nude underwear means that we do not have to worry about seeing funky patterns through that sheer or white outfit that you choose to wear.
  8. Moisturise your skin an hour prior to the shoot so that it has time to settle into your skin.
  9. Bring any make-up that you would prefer, mascara and foundation to match your skin can help sometimes.
  10. Make sure that you are hydrated as this helps your skin to look lovely and fresh
  11. Bring some snacks
  12. Come along without make-up done, and lovely clean skin
  13. Wear loose fitting clothes to the shoot so that there will be no lines that show when you change outfits, something button-up makes it easy to get off without destroying your hair or make-up.
  14. Bring along the session fee or pay it prior to the shoot
  15. Bring along client release or be prepared to sign one on the day
  16. Ready through the agreement and bring signedHannalise Paris Photography before and after grace - Copy

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