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The story from 3 weeks ago…

Wow it is amazing to think 3 weeks ago I was in a lot of pain in labour, headed to the hospital only to have contractions ease, but was closely monitored for the next few hours. Then at 11.45pm the doctor came in and I was told that they needed to do an emergency cesarean section because Thaddeus’s heart rate was still sitting at 185bpm and not dropping down to 160bpm. The doctor told me I was headed to theatre in 30minutes as there was not enough time to try and induce labour. (This was not to ever be part of my birth plan). Alas we headed into theatre, my supportive mother by my side and so they made me numb… the process began and at 1.50am Thaddeus was born, but struggling to breathe. I saw him for 10 seconds and they took him away. The hardest thing as a mum is to give birth and then not see your baby for the next few hours and then only briefly again for 2 minutes and they moved me away. I then did not see him until 3pm in the afternoon, they didn’t even give me an update on him until 2pm. Seeing Thaddeus hooked up to all kinds of machines was heart wrenching. Over the next few days he would slowly recover but had a close call with being sent down to Sydney Children’s Hospital because he was still having issues with his lungs not inflating properly. The last resort was putting something into them to help them inflate (I can’t remember what it was called) but it worked thank goodness.

After all that he was to slowly get stronger. They still do not know why his heart rate was so high but he is safe now.

He is a happy healthy little man who is starting to get all cute and pudgy. I am still slowly recovering from the cesarean section and looking forward to when I can pick Avita up again without pain, driving and exercising too. It is amazing to reflect of things that happen and how quickly life can be turned upside down, it was a scary and overwhelming time but one foot in front of the other we move forward.
I’m so grateful that I have two happy and healthy children.

Here is some of the cute photographs of my little newborn.

Thaddeus Hannalise Paris Photography

Thaddeus Maarten Hannalise Paris Photography Central Coast Photographer

Thaddeus Maarten Hannalise Paris PhotographyHave a happy day


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