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Feeling beautiful

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As a single mother it can be hard to feel beautiful. Most days I do not have the time or energy to put on makeup, if I am dressed, my children fed and they are happily playing I have done well. It is always special to have a photograph of myself that I enjoy. Being behind the camera all the time can be tricky because then there are many photographs of my children but none that I am present in. I feel that it is so important to exist in photographs. For me I know I may look tired, I am not a slim as I would love to be but being myself and being okay with the way I am is so important. I am a mother and my children love me just the way I am. I always aim to be healthier but being happy with where I am at right now at this moment in time is a good thing. I want to inspire other women to feel confident in themselves the way they are right now, not when they lose that additional 10kg. We are to celebrate ourselves the way we are now. If you achieve that weightless or toning up, or whatever it is that you have as a beauty goal celebrate the achievement later too, but enjoy the way you are now. For me I celebrate the way I am right now at this moment in time, as a mother of two healthy, smart children, at 16 weeks post-partum. I am confident and I am beautiful the way I am.


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