Hannalise – Beauty session

Recently I took time to get myself in front of the camera.
I believe that it is important that all women have an opportunity to feel and look beautiful.
I made sure that I even had a chance to experience it too.
Being a single mother of two beautiful children takes a lot of time and energy and having time for myself is rare some weeks.

I took time to do my hair and make-up, then sorted through the outfits I might put on and the backdrops I wanted to use as well as the way in which I wanted to be photographed.

These are the beautiful images that I have fallen in love with.
I felt beautiful, classy, enchanting, elegant, stylish and feminine.
I have even set one of the photographs as my computer backdrop and each time I look at it I feel beautiful again.

Hannalise Paris Photography dress central coast photographer Hannalise Paris Photography white Hannalise Paris Photography HAPP0375-Edit-Edit-2