Maternity Photos

I had the beautiful opportunity of heading to Armidale to photograph a beautiful couple in a very special stage of their life.
They are very soon due to have a little baby and doing a maternity shoot to capture this short season before they become a little family of 3 was such an honour.
It was a lot of fun working together to achieve the photos.
I employed the help of Lisa’s husband to help flick the fabric and in the end we got such a beautiful photograph showing the beautiful Lisa and her baby bump.
This weekend I will be delivering this photographs printed and ready for framing.
I love seeing work printed.
Here are the photographs from the session.
hannalise-paris-photography-maternity-photos-1 hannalise-paris-photography-maternity-photos-2 hannalise-paris-photography-maternity-photos-3 hannalise-paris-photography-maternity-photos-4 hannalise-paris-photography-maternity-photos-5 hannalise-paris-photography-maternity-photos-6