The gift of prints

We live in a society where more photographs have been taken than ever before but do we print them?
Often the answer is no.
I know that even I as a mum have struggled from time to time to make sure that my children exist in beautiful printed photographs.

How about you gift someone with the gift of prints?
You can do that by gifting them a photo session or but gifting them one of your beautiful prints that you have purchased at the end of your session.

If you are looking to gift someone with the joy of a portrait session and enough to go towards their prints by give them a gift card to cover all of this.

It is important we all exist in beautiful prints.

Kids, kids, kids

Kids love to be in photographs.
Some days they will want to make your life hard but that is why you hire me right?
I love working with kids and seeing their personalities shine.
Some days it might take a little while for them to warm up but when they do they do not ever want the photo session to finish.
Making fun memories is what it is all about.

 Photographing amazing people across the Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter Region.

All you have

One thing I have come to discover is how beautiful portraits are.
They may not always mean the most at that moment in time but there will come a day that they mean the world.

 When someone you love dearly passes you look for their memories.
A photograph says a 1000 words as they say.
They tell you the memories of them, how they looked, each little detail tells you a little more.
These photographs were taken at a family get together where I had my camera with me.
They are now one of the most special things this family owns.

A moment captured in time for all to see.

Jim we miss you and I am thankful that you let me take your portrait.

In a world full of selfies it is time to exist in photographs that are also beautiful prints for all of time.
We all deserve to exist in beautiful portraits, in beautiful prints.

Mums on the Central Coast

Mum, mum, mum.
For a mother some days that is all you hear all day long.

Lisa came in for her photo session and had the opportunity to be pampered for the day.
Her hair and make up was done and looking fabulous.

As a single mum it can be hard some days to do things that leave you feeling wonderful and pampered when tending to what your child needs.

This rock star of a woman was so much fun to photograph and when she smiles the whole room lights up.
She manages to look after her little boy as well as doing her fitness training too.
This woman is amazing.

When was the last time you had a chance to be photographed?
Were you in that fuzzy selfie?
How about we spend a day having fun and feeling pampered and at the end of it all walk away with photographs that you fall in love with.

Portraits that last a life time

Children grow up so fast and while they are doing it, it is near impossible to get them to stand still for a moment.
It is so important for you to live in the moment, so why not share that moment with them?
Have me photograph you special little ones before they have their own little ones.
You will blink and they will be all grown up.
You will blink and they will be off in the world.
Time for you to treasure those little moments.
Time to exist in beautiful portraits with your little ones.

My Little Shadow by Dianne R. Newsom

My little shadow my little shadow my little shadow and me
My little shadow was always one step behind you see
My little shadow with her long blonde flowing hair
No matter how many times I looked my little shadow was there

She would roam outside to play but not for long
Little shadows moms quite time was gone
My little shadow would creep into my bed at night
My little shadow would kiss and hold me so tight

I turned around one day to find my little shadow was gone
But I still have the memories of my little shadow to hold on
Mom enjoy your little shadows before they to are gone
It is truly sad when there’s no more little shadow to tag along

My little shadow as I have watched you grow
My dear little shadow where did you go
My precious little shadow you are now grown
My little shadow now has two shadows of her own