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Ninja’s on the Central Coast

Here is the future of the Central Coast Ninja’s in their Competition at the Obstacle Course Racing School. The skill level of these kids keep on growing. Looking forward to seeing some of these kids on Ninja Warrior one day. Advertisements

Behind the Scenes

Every photo session is personally styled. Every photo session you are directed. Every photo session is full of fun. Every photo session is about the person in front of my camera. Every photo session comes out with beautiful photographs. Every photo session is a special… Read More

Valentine’s Day

Show that special someone in your life that you care for them, gift them with a special card. Show them that they are worth existing in beautiful photographs. They are special to you and they should exist in beautiful prints too. Email so that… Read More

Christmas Fun

Wow it is Christmas time again. You cannot walk into the shops without hearing at least one Christmas song, so why not avoid going to the stressful Santa photos with long queues and rubbish photographs of your child crying anyway. Bring them to a home… Read More


Weddings are a celebration. A moment in time. Having someone there to capture that beautiful moment where a promise is made in front of witnesses – as the couple journey together into a lifelong union. A special day has been planned for this couple with… Read More


My dear mother unlike any other, You taught me how to walk, And you taught me how to talk. You provided a roof over my head, And always made sure I was feed. You taught me morals and standards, The meanings of living and all… Read More

Gift of photographs

Looking for a gift this Mother’s Day? Look no further. Why not give her the gift of existing in photographs? An experience to remember with beautiful quality photographs to take home at the end. Lots of different sized gift cards to show your mother how… Read More

Wedding Moments

Wedding days are full of so many special moments. Months of planning comes together for this one special day where you and your partner commit to each other for the rest of your lives. ‘I do’. A promise made to each other. Watching these two… Read More

Anika’s Mirror

Having the opportunity to work with this wonderful team at Anika’s Mirror a local salon to create beautiful photographs for their upcoming competition entry was a lot of fun. Seeing how each hair dresser cut and styled the hair and then helped me to understand… Read More

The Armidale Show 2017

Photographing The Armidale Show for 2017 was so much fun with so many wonderful people there to meet. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet many fun life loving characters. One thing I love is that I get to provide these wonderful people who help… Read More

Dream shoot ideas

Do you have a way that you would love to be photographed? Contemporary glamour style? Maybe a fitness shoot? A special place you would love to be photographed? Sydney? Paris? The Whitsundays? Let’s make dreams come true. Email so we can organise your dream… Read More

Mens photo session

Are you male, having thought about getting portraits done but never been game to do so? It is not just for women let me assure you. The man that I have had the pleasure of photographing have always had fun in front of the camera… Read More

Behind the scenes

Photographing Lucy was so much fun. She is such a beautifully natured and natural person to be around. I am looking forward to posting some of the beautiful photographs from her photo session where we had so much fun outside playing with lots of fabric.… Read More

Maternity Photos

I had the beautiful opportunity of heading to Armidale to photograph a beautiful couple in a very special stage of their life. They are very soon due to have a little baby and doing a maternity shoot to capture this short season before they become… Read More

Film Noir Beauty

Recently I have been enjoying photographing in this beautiful style. It is so simple, beautiful and the way it evokes emotion is amazing. These images for me are a form of being empowered to express emotion, elegance, as well as the allure of the feminine… Read More